Sunday, January 6, 2008

I visited New York City at Christmas time, attending the Christmas Eve service at All Souls Unitarian Church, which I attended regularly growing up. I don't attend any church regularly, but if I did, this would be the one, as the ministry and congregation have a very open, rational, and gentle approach to religion. Even so, my mind generally wanders during the prayers because I find them a bit bland. My ears perked up this time, though, when Forrest Church said: "Want what you have; Do what you can; Be who you are." That's a nice thought for someone who gets distracted easily by new projects.

He expanded on that idea later in the prayer:

And let us do what we can,

Not climb every mountain,

But, dismissing pipe dreams,

Climb one splendid mountain,

Doing—not less than, not more than—but precisely what we can,

That our life may be filled with attainable meaning.

In the light of the new year, it seems a bit bland, but I guess that's the way of prayers: they resonate with your emotions. I was decompressing from my pre-Christmas rush to complete some projects and this caught me like a rogue wave. Here's the full text of the prayer.

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