Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Programming Grapevine

Two non-Haskell programmers from Linspire went indoor rock climbing last night. One was wearing a Firefox t-shirt and someone next to him asked if he worked for Mozilla. He explained that he actually worked at Linspire, to which the guy said, "Oh, you guys use Haskell there, don't you?"

It's nice to know that the word has gotten around.

Well, David Fox and I left last summer and Jeremy Shaw has one foot out the door, so the Haskell presence at Linspire is just about over, but we continue to use and maintain many of the tools and libraries we built there. David and Jeremy have been cleaning up the version number policy in the Debian package builder (called the autobuilder) so that we can build Debian repositories of Haskell software. There is still some work to do, but you can look at our darcs repositories to see if there is anything that might interest you.

To see what we're up to now, see Section 7.1.6 of the Haskell Communities and Activities Report.

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